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Squibbitt and Squibbitt Lite are single and multiplayer games that absolutely anyone can play!

Play Squibbitt Lite 'FUN' and take turns with your friends to change Squibbitts (squiggly lines) into pictures. You can play with up to four others, or on your own.

You can set the timer, but make sure you finish before it runs out! Give your picture a name and see your score. The leader board shows who is winning. Or, turn off the timer and create a work of art! Take a photo to save it!

Play Squibbitt and use coins to play 'EXTREME' as well as 'FUN' !

With EXTREME, random letters are displayed which you can use in the name for your Squibbitt to increase your score.

Each letter has a numerical value; challenge your vocabulary to come up with a name that uses the letters. Longer names give higher scores and you can multiply your score by finishing quickly! Complete within the first 1/3rd of time and your letter score is tripled, complete within the second 1/3rd and it is doubled.

If you need more time to finish you can use coins to reset the timer, or get a different set of letters to work with.